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Welcome to Dragonriders of Kalecgos!

We are glad to have you as a member of our extended family. We are a friendly and helpful leveling guild. We are going to be raiding very soon and are currently setting up a core team to do so. Many of you are just coming into the levels 85-90 and we will assist you in getting geared up and raid ready. Do not hesitate to ask for help. That is what we are here for.

Your raking with the guild is determined by your participation in the guild as a whole. Whether it be by grouping with others to complete guild acheivements, running with guildmates in PvP in teams, or anything else that is guild related. Contributions to the guild bank are also taken into consideration when GM's are adjusting ranks. If you are not pulling any weight, don't expect a promotion. If you have been demoted and you feel that your new rank is unfair please speak directly to Ketcheerha.

Once set-up our core Raiding teams and PvP teams will be expected to show for events that are set-up. Raids will be set up at least 1 week in advanced so please let us know if you can not attend ASAP so we can find a sub for your position.

Remember, this IS a game! Real life does take presidence and the GM's of this guild DO understand that. We are all here to have fun. If there are any concerns or issues please direct them to a GM ASAP.


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Picking up the Pieces.

Ketcheerha, Feb 25, 13 1:57 AM.

Dragonriders of kalecgos has hit a new era. We will come back and rise again to be one of the most powerful guilds on the Kalecgos server. I look forward to personally helping all of you  and look forward to setting goals for this guild to reach.
Right now our goal is to rebuild and get a solid core group going again for PvE and PvP. For this we need nore people. No matter the level, if someone wishes to join us please feel free to invite.
So far new rankings according to each individuals participation in guild membership, groups, and events is being calculated on a near daily basis so check your ranking often.
So far important rank changes have been that we have a new Alternate Guild Master in Therasith.
Sultane is currently recruiting new PvP players for a core PvP group so please talk to him asap if you are interested.
Once basic cores are established in PvP and PvE we will beging the voting for a consistant raid and arena group nights.

Dragon Soul Guild Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ketcheerha, Aug 17, 12 11:35 AM.

Dragonriders NEWS

Ketcheerha, Aug 13, 12 11:30 AM.

News for our guild

1. Our rankings are moving up guys. Check out for details including seeing that we are Number 1 tied with Perpetual for guild popularity on our server.

2. We are setting up a core raid and core rated battleground group right now. So far we are ranked as T13 5/8 for DS. Our arena teams are doing great as well being ranked 18th in PvP on our server. Good job everyone!

3. There will be a new contest for all guildees starting soon! The details will be listed on the website tomorrow. Good luck to all.


Ketcheerha, Jun 13, 12 6:19 PM.

And be sure to download vent even if all you can do is hear us.

Warmaster Blackhorn
Spine of Deathwing
Madness of Deathwing

Winners of Dragonriders First Guild Challenge!

Ketcheerha, Jun 12, 12 11:20 AM.

The winners of our first guild challenge are as follows!

 Grand Prize: Tizall with 3,557,936 

 First Prize: Cidster with 2,899,898 

 Second Prize: Gaddget with 2,419,735 

 Third Prize: Akkaid  with 1,718,201 

 Fourth Prize: Electrya with 1,661,675 

Honorable Mentions: With over 500k each for the week are Shohei, Nallae, Lilrollface, and Jakarus. 

 Congrats to all for a excellent job! We hit being a level 5 guild in less than a week after hitting level 4! You guys are AWESOME! For those who won prize packs and those who were honorable mentions please see me this evening.  For everyone else who paticipated check your in game mail .
 I plan on having these challenges twice a month so look for the next one! The next one will begin on 6/19/2012. 

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